Stream on #StayHomeFestival

Share your music and & videos to millions of electronic and dance music fans worldwide, on all major platform and devices.
Submit your video, we take care of the rest!

How does it work? 

  1. Send us your recorded Full HD video + audio file via our submission form. Provide your logos separately.
  2. We create your custom #StayHomeFestival video overlay crediting your artist name, project and stream location (we'll make it for you).
  3. Schedule a streaming date and time with a #StayHomeFestival stream coordinator.
  4. Provide editor access to the profiles / channels / pages you want to stream on.
  5. Publish on your socials the custom #StayHomeFestival streaming announcement artworks we provide.
  6. Let us operate the stream. Sit back, enjoy the show, and interact with your stream viewers in the comments!


- What kind of content is accepted?

We accept compelling content at the discretion of our music programers. Including music performances, interviews, podcasts, tutorials, reviews, music videos, etc... We do make a quality check for all received content. Unreasonably branded videos, offensive content, low quality recordings are not accepted. The #StayHomeFestival team reserves the right to  accept or not to publish any submitted video. 

- How can I record a good video?

There are plenty of ways, even with limited access to resources during this quarantined time! Most mixers aud DJ software have audio recording capacities, and smartphone cameras today do amazing, especially in well lit environments. We've compiled a playlist of video tutorials to help you out

- What files specs are recommended?

Full HD videos (1920x1080 pixels), H.264 encoding, 10+Mbps. AAC Audio 320 kbps. Duration: 30-90 minutes. 

- How long will #StayHomeFestival last?

The time of the quarantine, to support the electronic and dance music scene while the club and event restrictions are on. We will then revert back to our usual activities on DanceTelevision and see you back on the dance floor!  You will still be able to watch these videos on DanceTelevision's 24/7 channels and video on demand. 

- Will I be credited in the stream?

Yes! This is about promoting the artists and music community while the events are off. We add your name/logo and required credits on top of the video, in the video description in the DanceTelevision apps, as well as adding the social media tags of the profiles you have indicated in your submission. 

- Where / how will you stream my video?

1. On Facebook, as a LIVE of PREMIERE stream cross-posted between your page(s) + the DanceTelevision Channel pages (3M+ followers) + the #StayHomeFestival media partners* (3M+ followers). See DanceTelevision's network & standard distribution services.
*when available

2. On YouTube, as a LIVE or PREMIERE stream on the DanceTelevision YouTube channel (419k subscribers).

3. On the #StayHomeFestival 24/7 channel available on our website, mobile apps (35k+ monthly active users) + our TV apps and operators environment* + on our new Twitch channel. 
*if sufficient quality file

- Can I send videos recorded before the crisis?

Yes. But for technical reasons we cannot stream videos that have a logo in the upper right corner. So make sure to send a file that has no logo, or have in a different corner. We clearly indicate in all streams the recording date of each video, not to confuse viewers about the primary message of this campaign: #STAYHOME

- How long do you need to stream my video? 

This may vary with the volume of submission. Generally we can work out a release within 48h-72h after a video is submitted to our form with all necessary information and instructions to operate the streaming. But submitting and scheduling further ahead helps smoothing the process and is less stressful for all. 

- Can I operate the stream myself and syndicate to #StayHomeFestival? 

We'd rather not. It may be possible if we can somehow evaluate the process and probable quality of your stream. Establishing such may be charged extra. It is not as easy as it seems to simulcast reliably but our team operates such several times a day for years now, so we know well  how to avoid failures and react to bugs. 

- Is 'real-time' LIVE better than 'delayed' LIVE? 

In our opinion, for music performances, not at all! Especially if you do not have the equipment, experience or specialized team to operate it. Artists  should focus on their playing, not their filming. Additionally,  streaming with a delay allows you to directly interact with the viewers in comments to tell about your quarantine experience, answer their questions, and drive them to like and follow your own profiles! 

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